Format SSD - Unable to view disk

Hi All,

I am planing to revert Qubes OS from primary SSD to windows and have Qubes on a secondary SSD eventually.

When I tried to use the windows recovery it wont show the partitions or drive for that matter. Is that cos of the encryption or is that the windows utility cant read Anaconda partition ?

Can someone help in formatting the drive back to FAT/NTFS ?.

I tried DISKPART but the only partition it shows is the current USB that I am booting from and the SSD information is missing completely.

If you had a windows recovery on the disk, it may already be gone. In that case you would need a windows install ISO on USB or something equivalent.

As long as the hardware is functional, the drive should show up in diskpart regardless. How are you accessing diskpart?

Thanks for the reply and attention to this issue.

I had wiped off windows completely when I installed Qubes on it.

I first tried directly installing windows and that’s when I realised that the installer is unable to detect any installation media.

I had a recovery USB that I am using for diskpart.
DISKPART won’t list any drives.

Odd. I’ve only seen diskpart fail to recognized hardware with errors. It ultimately comes down to the drivers that are in the OS that diskpart is running on (winPE, etc)

You could try cleaning that disk in Tails or some other utility with gpart or equivalent.

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Yes I am trying Kali Live and so far was able to decrypt the drive but it expanded into 18 partitions upon decryption.
I dont know yet if it will let me format. But I am hopeful considering I am able it access it now.

BTW: Tails [Older version 4.x] was my first option and got to know a glitch, it throws error if there’s a graphic card installed ( Again my next go to thing to check )

The trouble doesn’t end here. Managed to access via live Kali and delete LVM followed by formatting it to both EXT4 & NTFS but windows installation doesn’t recognize it. It doesnt show up on the installation media.

Did you get that working?

If not and it were me, I’d attach the SSD, boot to the Windows setup media, hit Shift+F10 (cmd prompt) and then use diskpart > “list disk” > “sel disk X”(your SSD disk #) > “clean”
Then, “create partition primary”
Then, “list part”
Then, “sel part X” (your new partition #)
Then, “format fs=NTFS label=SSD quick”
Then, “exit”
Return to the Windows install and see if it recognizes it. There is no reason why it shouldn’t unless the hardware has been broken or fried.