Forced reboot after wake-up from sleep

I’m running 4.1rc2 and, since yesterday, coming out of sleep causes a reboot. I can’t think of anything that I’ve done recently besides doing a one-time enable of dom0-update current-testing and security-testing to try to fix a persistent problem with my display flickering. Is anyone else having this issue? Should I rollback and if so, how exactly do I do that?

Edit 1: Doesn’t happen while plugged into power. There are a few lines of error messages on journalctl that pop up whenever I unplug it but I don’t know how to interpret them.

Edit 2: sleep, not hibernation; my screen brightness is also not properly adjusting based on battery/plugged in state

what laptop your using, hibernation won’t work on lot of laptop

I’ve been running some version of Qubes on this machine for over a year without this issue. I haven’t had this problem since upgrading to 4.1 until now either…but it’s a Dell Precision 5510.

Are you asking about hibernation or sleep? Xen does not support hibernation.

I meant sleep. I misread my settings. My screen is also not adjusting it’s settings properly based on being plugged in or on battery, but it is still charging.

Updated the title to reflect that.

After happening twice in a row this hasn’t happened since. The only observable problem now is the screen still not adjusting based on charge state.