Foobar2000 (& deadbeef) stability in AppVM

Hi all,
since I have a ~29 week audio collection, and I want it to be searchable and categorizable, my only real option to manage my collection is foobar2000. The least-worst linux alternative is DeadBeef, but it still lacks a good database search engine (plus it seems to suffer the same issues.)
However, when I run this in an AppVM, this leads to graphical instability especially when opening the preferences menu, but also caused by visualizations, and so on. This usually happens within 1 hour of play, often much sooner. It happens within minutes if I try to change any settings within the app.

This can even cause instability in dom0, leading to an X (partial) crash.

(DeadBeef seems to cause similar issues.)

Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do to prevent or stop this from happening?

Hi there,
have You seen this post: Android-x86 install guide for 4.1
May be You can achieve it on android…

sorry I don’t understand the relevance. You want me to try the android app on qubes?

no, install android in a HVM ed use foobar2k in there

not an option, can’t attach block devices to android qubes. That aside, not crazy about the mobile interface either.

Well, I haven’t seen any post mentioning foobar2000. So the only other option is to try other organizers. I can highly recommend MediaMonkey, AIMP and especially MusicBrainz. It helped me endlessly when saving data from a dying HDD, where all rescued mp3s where something like file100333.mp3