FLR and PM reset or bus available

im one of them sadly, who had to troubleshoot his pci devices - but i expected it because there were an hcl entry for it but i saw he used a older qubes version and also older kernel as he tested it

but yeah i installed qubes and got the problem i didnt got any network connection because of the FLR and PM error

checked my kernel before enabling strict pci reset, it were kernel version 5.10.9x
now i got 5.10.112-1.fc32 (newest qubes one)

and i saw this article also:

seems like they fixed anything about the pci problem?

does this mean i could disable it again because its fixed now? because this article seems to be pretty new

Do you mean the strict-reset option? Your link is not connected to that. It’s just a specific property of the hardware, whether it can or can’t do strict reset, AFAIK.