Fixing Known Bug for xfwm4 on Dom0

I recently upgraded to Qubes 4.1 with a clean install.

I am experiencing horrible CPU pinning thats killing my machines usability, and I tracked down the issue to a known bug in xfwm4:

Per these posts, I can temp fix the by running the following in Dom0’s terminal when the CPU pinning starts occurring: xfwm4 --vblank=off --replace

This quick fix stops working and I have to rerun it to clear the leak. Id like a permanent fix by upgrading this package. This seems dangerous to do based on existing documentation (like importing .rpm’s), or potentially time consuming like upgrading Dom0 to a new fedora version where the bug is fixed.

Is there an easier, or less riskier option for fixing a bug in Dom0 like this?

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Does this help?

I suffer the same bug on an AMD 3400G using APU, 64 Gb RAM. Qubes was constantly getting slower, and now xfwm4 was using 70% CPU - across 8 SMT cores!!! The system is barely usable after an hour, till now I lived with it and rebooted, but it no way felt like Qubes 4.0 and I was considering going back.

xfwm4 --vblank=off --replace works for me. xfwm4 is not visible in htop afterwards and the system is FAST AGAIN!

There is a solution to this apparently:


Would be great if this would be fixed in Qubes as well. Right place for this or where should I suggest that? Thanks!