Firewall rules

I wanted to learn a bit about Qubes Os. So I created a template from which an APPvm goes. I then wanted to set that you can only call up a specific page via this Qube. In my example, I simply took and entered the IP address of the site under the firewall rules. But now when I open tor browser from qube, I can still access all pages. I know I must have missed a very simple detail. Since I can’t solve the problem now after 2.5 hours, I’m asking for help here

What is the template, and how did you create it?
What is the netvm for this qube?
Did you install tor browser manually?

Unless you provide more information about exactly what you have done,
no one will be able to help.

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How i create the template:
New Qube > Type: TemplateVM ; Template: whonix-ws-16 ; Networking: sys-whonix
How i create the Qube:
New Qube > Type: AppVm ; Template: the one i just created ; Networking: sys-whonix

Install Torbrowser manuall? No.

Whonix does not support the qubes-firewall.
No rules you create for any qube attached to sys-whonix will be

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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Oh okay thanks.

one more question. So what’s the best way to prevent accidentally opening links while using whonix?

You could try creating a separate firewall qube that sits in-between the Tor Browser qube and sys-whonix.