Firefox-esr Permissions Problems? Debian-12 Qubes 4.1.2

I tried to recreate the i2p+ install from

While this install can be recreated in all Linuxes I selected my target Debian-12.

I created an INDEPENDENT VM based on Debian 12 template. My Debian-12 template does not have firefox-esr, nautilus, games etc so I proceeded with the following.

sudo apt install default-jdk thunar firefox-esr -y

sudo adduser i2p && sudo usermod -aG sudo i2p

Because I do have a copy of i2p+ in Downloads:

sudo cp /home/user/Downloads/i2p+ /home/i2p/i2p+

su i2p
cd /home/i2p
java -jar i2p+

Bottom line: default-jdk and thunar work when I call them from i2p user terminal but firefox-esr can’t load the profile and exits. I think that firefox-esr should be able to start. Shouldn’t it?

Download i2pinstall_2.3.0.jar

Install java-common with:

sudo apt install java-common


jar -jar i2pinstall_2.3.0.jar

Configure Firefox:
-settings–> Network settings
-select "Manual proxy configuration
-HTTP Proxy --> port 4444
like Web Browser Configuration - I2P

Go to i2p router and lauch:

i2prouter start

It must be ok :slight_smile:
I use it with template debian-12-minimal and all is good…