Finding your 2FA backup codes

Please note: This is only required for those who have U2F as 2-factor-authentication enabled.

You may have noticed from the news that if you use a 2fA hardware token then you will need to make sure you have a copy of your backup codes to reactivate your account after the move to the new forum location.

It is worthy of note, securely storing your backup codes is something you should already doing as good practice when using 2FA. This is so you can regain access to a service in the event your 2FA device is lost/broken/reset etc. Personally I print them out and keep them in a safe, sealed place.

However if you have not done this and have 2FA active, you can get your backup codes by clicking your avatar/logo to the top right and hitting preferences

Then click Security on the left and “Manage Two-Factor Authentication”

You may be prompted to enter your password. You can then click the pencil icon and generate your codes