Finding Installed Software Packages

New to Qubes which I love, have dipped in and out of Linux for several years but recently discovering Qubes, I created a Qube and downloaded and installed several software packages but after install I am unable to find them, grateful for any help with this.


Please describe what you mean by “downloaded and installed packages”. Is it a Fedora based qube and did you use in the terminal sudo dnf install …? Did you maybe have a restart after installing the packages? Did you try to start those installed software packages from CLI (if there is no menu entry)? If you use a fedora based qube, the command
dnf list installed
shows all the installed packages.

My Qube was based on Debian, software installed using the terminal did not reboot after install however they are not in any application menu that I can find

This should be in User Support.

Regarding the issue:
Have you read: How to install software | Qubes OS

Looks like you’re installing your software in a wrong place.
Install it in the template and launch it within the AppVM.

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Many thanks will give that a try and read the manual