Finding Dowloaded Application

Ive downloaded Ledger wallet and now need to create a .desktop file. My problem is i cant find the download in usr/share/applications. Hope someone can help.

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In which VM did you download the application? Did you follow this guide?

I downloaded it in fedora (i know its not advised). Its so annoying because i know i need to create a .desktop file but cant find the application to make one.

what did you download exactly?

why do you expect something to be there?

why is it not advised? Did you download it directly in the template?

how did you install the program in the first place?

1.The way i downloaded was using the suso comand line.

2 I expect to find the application i downloaded. I can see the other apps downloaded in usr/share/applications.

3 Just really high opsec apparently.

4 Again i downloaded it using the sudo coomad line.


This is not a sufficiently detailed reply. What was the exact command?

This folder doesn’t contain downloaded apps but preinstalled apps. The correct installation instructions are linked above. Simple downloading of the app will not make it work.

The exact command line was sudo dnf install (package name).

I was under the impressions usr/share/applications was where i needed to go.

The guide you linked is the one i was following and because the app i downloaded hasn’t showing up the troubleshooting says i need to create a .desktop file for that app. Ive installed another app just fine. Sorry if none of this makes sense.

Do you know how to create a .desktop file ?

What was the package name that you’ve installed?
And what application did you want to install? Ledger Live?

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Yes I wanted to install ledger live and the exact command was sudo dnf install ledger. I did this in the fedora template.

The package called ledger in the Fedora repository is not related to Ledger Wallet. It’s a different software.
The official guide is telling you to download and use Ledger Live using AppImage:


Haha I thought that might be the problem. I’ll try and work out appimage. Also can you tell me how I can look at all the applications which will auto install after the sudo dnf line?

Thanks for the help.

You can see the list of files installed by the specific package with this command:

dnf repoquery -l packagename

If you want to see which application will show up in the qube Settings → Applications list in the Qubes OS then you can look which .desktop file will be installed by package:

dnf repoquery -l packagename | grep -F .desktop

The Applications list contains the list of .desktop files contained in the system.