Finalizing clean reinstall, copy orig cfg into fresh app installs

I’m nearly done with a clean reinstall of v4.0.4; I’ve run new installs for app pkgs in new Templates, and created new AppVMs from them. I’ve restored old Templates and AppVMs to migrate config files to new installations.

What would be the easiest way to copy original AppVMs /home, /usr/local, and /rw to new AppVMs? Or is it only /rw (includes /home, /usr/local, and bind-dirs)? Will this include all my user data like Evolution Db, GPG keyring, plus config files?

What directories do I need from original Templates (/etc?), without overlaying newly installed binaries?

Thanks so much for your time & expertise.

Copying /rw should be enough. Everything outside of it is derived from the TemplateVM when you start the AppVM.

However, be sure to also copy dom0 configs for the original AppVMs, such as firewall rules, services, tags, etc. if you are using any.

I’ve tried the GUI copy-to-other-appvm. It doesn’t work to copy the entire /rw from [new-AppVM]/home/qubes-incoming/[orig-AppVM]/rw, so I tried copying only the /rw/home directory from qubes-incoming… to /home, but file system returns error like: “cannot copy onto itself - destination cannot be the same”.

Is someone able to please provide a CLI command that will copy the exact physical path/directories and not linked/mapped directory from QubesIncoming to the correct, persistent /home and /usrlocal. Or perhaps skip QubesIncoming and grab it directly from orig-AppVM? Thanks again

I found:
This may be a solution.