Is moving files, extracting files. etc suppose to be absolutely snail mail slow?

Context: I’m still newer to Qubes but even a 100MB zip can take up to 10 minutes to unzip. Is this normal?

Thank-you in advanced!

I’m sure it depends on your CPU, but I’m extracting at around 50MB/s on my old T430, which is a lot faster than the .2 MB/s you’re seeing.

No that’s not normal. Be sure you have enough RAM allocated to running VMs - especially the VM doing the work. You can allocate RAM in the VM settings with Qubes Manager.

Granted I’m doing the extracting on a 3.0 Flash drive at the moment due to the files being a bit larger than what I’d like to put on the VM at the moment, however even then I feel it should be faster than that. I went into the Qubes Manager and bumped up the Ram allocation to 12GB and it’s about a max of 274kb which still seems fairly off, even for extracting on a flash drive. It’s running with an 11th gen i7 with 16GB’s of RAM.

I kinda figured it’s not normal. I went into Qubes and upped the allocation to 12GB and its at about a 274kb now. It seems a tad off somewhere and I’m not sure how or why.

Whoa… 12GB is a lot. Keep in mind we are talking about RAM, not drive space. You shouldn’t need more than 4GB. More like 2GB. Your settings will depend on the total amount of RAM available in your system.

Configure RAM at the top of the advanced tab. Configure drive space at the bottom of the basic tab.

It might have something to do with the flash drive, filesystem, or installed packages in the template(s) on which the qube(s) are based.