Few topics being resolved?

Especially since @unman is absent due to his email issues, while couple of us are trying to fill the gaps although not nearly competent enough, it is now obvious more than ever that this isn’t good for the “community”. Or, if it’s without quotes, than it is even sadder. People notice this as you can see…
Sometimes I get an impression only 5-10 subjects are resolved in total, repeating again and again (install, cacher, sys-audio, blahblah)…

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@Sven maybe is around, but in other threads,
i just don’t check all threads,
i mean “doesn’t see him around”, in threads that i visit only, which are not many,
i’m sorry, in case maybe i use a wrong sentence

I do. All of them. Not a single post missed since registered here. Twenty seven thousand posts read in a bit more than a year. :wink:

you have so much free time ?
or you are part of Qubes team ?

Now, English is not my first language, but this sounds rude.

This topic is about them, if you missed it.

ah, i’m so sorry if it sounds rude,
what’s a better way to say it then ?
sorry, also not my 1st language

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If you checked my profile, it took me 17 days read time. That’s the bare minimum I could afford to improve my digital/online security.
Not that much as it looks, right?

17x24=408 hours in as many days, so an hour per day…

408 hours to read all threads,
there are maybe thousands of them,
also, some threads has hundreds replies,
hard to believe, if it is really all threads,
but this is from my point of view as newbie,

but maybe if you are an expert, then it is possible,
so doesn’t feel heavy to understand each thread,

i have seen your profile,
just realize you are active enough in the forum,

haha, see my profile, i only have 1 day read time,
but i’m not always login while reading the forum

You have to read, or I’ll stop to write.

And again, for the last time. If you checked my profile, I read 3400 topics in 303 days on forum, and read 27000 posts which took me 17 days.

There’s no guessing, but pure statistics.

Search before asking.

Oh, and I created 1800 posts, which is 4.5 daily, and only 59 topics which is 0.14 daily since registered.

Hey @deeplow. Can you split the topic from here, please? I suggest you to name it “How to read statistics in a Profile page and what it shows to us”, or something.

You forgot the ever-present “how do I set up a VPN.”

At least I haven’t plagued you with that one!


Please, let’s not make this a maximization contest. I also used to read every single day for the year and a half on the forum.

This forum is the end result of the people who participate in it. If some topics get prioritized, that’s because that’s something where there is expertise in or because users with the issue explain it well enough or it is easy to solve.

It’s not like we can magically force people to solve all topics. This is a community forum. There should be no expectations of guaranteed support. If someone wants that, they should use the payed support alternatives some offer.


Sorry, the point was to:

  • show to newbie how to check user’s profile and statistics
  • tell him that I thoroughly follow the forum and I know who is here how often and how much.

Nothing more than that, I swear.
The subject you changed is good indeed, but that wasn’t the point of the topic. The point was that “staff” is pretty rare here in recent months.

But what did you want to discuss about it? The staff is supposed to work on the code and issues, not so much on the community forum. So I find the current situation logical.

okay, i have checked your profile, & i believe now,
sorry for doubting it before

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Nothing. That is why I posted in an appropriate forum - “Forum Feedback”

No problem. I really respect your dedication to security. You showed that you deserved each response. Sorry not more of us active, are able to help with the topics you are interested in.


I agree with @deeplow. While scanning all topics by title, I only read/post in the ones that I have something to contribute in. Few people have such broad knowledge and experience as @unman. Most of us here are much more narrow in what they can help with.

Personally I do not appreciate members posting just to “get their numbers up”. If you don’t have anything useful to contribute then don’t post. I’ve started many posts because I just wanted to say something about XYZ and then NOT posted because at the end I didn’t have a good answer for “why would you post this? what value does this add?”