Fedora Template gpk-update-viewer is missing

Error message: “Application missing in template! (gpk-update-viewer.desktop)”

Location of the error message:
Dom0 >> Qubes Manager >> fedora-36 >> Settings >> Applications >> Selected tab >> that error message

I thankful for the responses below. I hope this helps others.

more info …

It is helpful that you pointed this out.

In the Linux world this makes sense. Other people found they need an application. Other people found methods (using DIFF on 2 folders) and commands I don’t know to install these applications.

In the Windows world this is not ideal. I don’t know which command I need to type. Enterprise solutions do not underestimate how lazy their user base is.

I will let the chat know the exact command that made this work when I work on it. The goal is not to eliminate the shortcut, rather add the application.

I’m not sure if I understand correctly.
But, this is not a command, it’s a link (to the search function of the forum).

The first result explain how to remove it, with the left arrow, then apply.

To install gpk-update-viewer (to do in the template):

  • debian: sudo apt install gnome-packagekit
  • fedora: sudo dnf install gnome-packagekit-updater


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I thank you for this response.
I acknowledge that I should have asked this in the initial question.

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