Fedora-minimal has no internet


I decided to try the minimal template way.

I already created templates and app-VM for sys-net and sys-firewall. everything works great out of the box.

Now I created a template fedora-33-minimal, installed chromium there, close template, then create app-VM based on the template e start cromium there.

BUT… now this appVM has no internet.

(First I thought it was a problem with sys-net or sys-firewal, but other app-VM (based on fedora-32) all have internet connection.

Has anyone some explanation / solution to this?
Am I doing something wrong here?
(Yes, I am sure I have rtfm :slight_smile:


Have you installed qubes-core-agent-networking as per Minimal TemplateVMs | Qubes OS ?


Your sugestion solve the problem.

Maybe the documentation shoud make that more clear. I know that it is a community effort, but not shure how to proceed to help to improve it.

Anyway, this post may help others with the same problem.


Glad it’s solved. I’ve renamed the issue to better scope it to the problem at hand.