Fedora-39-minimal app VM is requesting sudo

I’m attempting to build a stripped down app VM or a standalone template that I will use to practice with Radicle and git on a Qubes based system. Most of what comes with the base fedora I’m not planning on using. So I though it would be interesting to build everything up from the minimal template.

Here’s the problem:
When I attempt to run dnf install git-all it gives me a message about Admin privileges.

I attempted the same command as sudo, but no luck.

I also attempted the same from the terminal in the template with the template temporarily connected directly to the firewall (I know it is bad and was totally unnecessary. But I didn’t know what else to try.)

Reading the docs hasn’t help yet either. The relevant one I found is here: Passwordless root access in qubes | Qubes OS

Maybe you all will have a suggestion. Please?

How I created the template and app VM, if it matters: From dom0 terminal: sudo qvm-template install fedora-39-minimal then I used the gui “Qube Manager” to make a new cube from that template with the default settings.

Thanks for any ideas.

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You are excellent. I just didn’t find the right documentation on my own. Thank you!