Does anyone know when this template will be available in Qubes’ repos?

You can visit Qubes Issues for the development news. Here you go:

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Thanks, I was there but couldn’t find the info, while in testing repositories, regular and xfce are already available.
My question was specifically about minimal.

How long does it usually take after the release of a new Fedora version until it is available as a Qubes (minimal) template?

I’d like to get the answer on my question first on this topic, and not be buried by digressions.

Sorry to bust your thread, but your question has already been answered here.

Thanks, but I don’t see it?

Means: Fedora 37 is going out soon

Oh, I saw that, but that info is outdated.
As I said, fedora-37 and fedora-37-xfce are already out in testing repositories, but no fedora-37-minimal, and that was the subject of this topic and my question.

Fedora 37 has not been released yet, so there will be no official template in QubesOS yet too. I can only assume that there is a beta build of Fedora 37 in the testing repositories.

Yes. There are f37 and and f37-xfce in testing repos, and I’d like to know when f37-minimal will be available there in testing repos. Any repos, as stated in the OP

Official Fedora37 release has been pushed back due to critical CVE found in OpenSSL.
I believe it will be fixed by new release date, November 15th.


Hey! Does anyone noticed about the coding error for FC37 for updating via salt?

For a week or more, I’m already fully transitioned to fedora-37-minimal. The only other non-f37 qube is cacher which I will abandon soon too.

Except known issues that qvm-shutdown-idle doesn’t work and the other one with nautilus which I don’t use anyway, everything feels smooths and stable.

Is there anyone else tried it?

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