Fedora-35 template doesn't update anymore

After the latest Dom0 update the Fedora-35 template update consistently returns this error:

’ Error: Failed to download metadata for repo ‘qubes-vm-r4.1-current’ cannot download repomd.xml: Cannot download repodata/repomd.xml: All mirrors were tried ’

In the terminal the error is more verbose:

Curl error: Failure when receiving data from the peer for https://yum.qubes-os.org/r4.1/current/vm/fc35/repodata/repomd.xml [Received HTTP code 500 from proxy after CONNECT]

So maybe it is a remote problem? But it’s already more than a day like this.

The update window also has other messages which seem a bit suspicious, for instance:
‘One or more requisite failed: update.qubesvm.dnf-makecache’

Does anybody know what can cause/how to solve this error?

Other templates are still updating,
Thanks in advance for helping out.

Hi there,
keep in mind that f35 is near own EOL: Fedora Linux Release Life Cycle :: Fedora Docs
I don’t think there are a lot of updates releasing …

This is most likely not the cause since the update manager shows available updates, but the update process is failing with the error mentioned.

Hi there,
so if You aren’t using any caching system, I think a:
#dnf clean all
#dnf update --refresh
inside the template, sometimes may solve it.
Let me know!

Thanks for trying to help Mila, but according to the Qubes documentation updating like this is not recommended:

Warning: Updating with direct commands such as qubes-dom0-update , dnf update , and apt update is not recommended, since these bypass built-in Qubes OS update security measures. Instead, we strongly recommend using the Qubes Update tool or its command-line equivalents’

So just going to try stuff like this is a bit of a last resort, I was hoping somebody might know what is actually going on. Why is the server responding with a HTTP 500?

I rebooted the system and the problem went away … no suspect messages in the update tool and no HTTP 500 error anymore.

Solutions from the good old ancient times of Windows, if all fails just stop thinking, reboot the system and try again. Somehow the Dom0 update messed up a few things, the update tool itself has a superfluous checkbox now, but everything seems to work.