Fedora-35 + ff, twitter videos not playing, youtube videos no sound

What i did so far, upgraded my previous fedora-34 template which had fusion repos enabled to fedora-35.
Right now vlc, ffmpeg and gstreamer are installed but nothing helped.
Nothing plays on HTML5 Video Test Page | Tek Eye
Firefox also has been acting weird since last update, will try removing ff profile and if that doesn’t help will had to dl a fresh non upgraded fedora-35 template.

Removing the .mozilla folder didn’t help, ff was behaving sluggish and freezing up for seconds.
At the same time i saw that the AppVM didn’t show up on dom0 audio mixer.

Had to start with a new fedora-35 template and youtube was playing again.
Twitter videos did not. Adding the fusion repo to the template and installing ffmpeg made twitter videos play again.
Hope this helps others who experience the same shenanigans when upgrading fedora template.

Getting tired of going through this with every other fedora release.
Unfortunately Debian does use an older firefox version in the repo that has led to problems previously or i would have switched.

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