Fedora 34 update now qubes will not load

Unbelievable, Fedora update this morning now qubes start to load, hangs up and I get thrown into “emergency shell”…


Here zen info…

So how do I fix this?!?

Ok,I give root password for maintenance and get…

What do I do next???

Nvm, I addressed my problem.
Working now!

You could help other users if you could tell us how you solved that problem.

I isolated the issue to one of my img files. I was able to reproduce this “crash” to emergency shell twice with the same img file being copied over to dom0.

All other img files I have built copied over to dom0 just fine and installed. Able to use them. This one in particular was the issue.

I took me all weekend to do this (isolation). Many time I had to pull out SSD’s, wipe,reformat, change uuid’s. Then reinstall SSD’s, reinstall qubes os 4.1. Do just a base update for qubes which was fedora, whonix GW and dom0. Then copy over img file to see which one.

Now all my img files are nested on a SSD that dom0 has access to. It wasn’t until I actually copied it over to dom0 that the “crash” to emergency shell happened on reboot.

I then did a test with this bad img file after copying it over before a reboot. A very strange error was produced when I try too install the img in dom0. The error was dom0 “empty response” & then other error was a qubes sec failed." If I remember the last error right. So I then chose to reboot and what do you know " crash to emergency shell" again…

Yesterday “Sunday” after isolation" of the bad img. I rebuilt my qube with all the lastest updates/upgrades for qubes is 4.1 AND installed all my good img files which are now HVM’s and working with no problems. Did all my changes within qubes (dark mode,layouts and build outs of templates) and so far all good to good.

Which now leads me to think that this img file which is a Linux distro was infected or a bad img build I did.