Fedora-34-minimal + java & sound

I’m trying to make a minimal template for some appvms that will run a Java app. Sound works in Firefox, but not the Java app. What is missing?

This is what I have installed in the template:


can you try in fedora34, is java app sounded there ? if no then it might be java app itself.

It doesn’t work on Fedora-34 with that OpenJDK package installed, but I know it’s not the app that’s to blame. I’ve been using this app since before I tried to make this new minimal template and on Fedora 33, sound worked and it could open the browser properly.

I made another template for the app based on fedora-33-minimal, in which the app is able to open the browser but sound is still broken. At this point I’m stumped and not sure if I’m missing a package or if something in Fedora is broken. I have no idea where to even begin looking for the package I need, so I’m going to try to use a Debian-11-minimal template, and stay on F33 if that doesn’t work either.


  • does sound in general work (e.g. in firefox)?
  • does your java app write a log or give debug output when started from console?
  • in the qube where it worked, is that the same java version?
  • Sound DOES work in Firefox
  • It does write a log, but it’s way too verbose and cluttered with tons of info level stuff and sensitive information about the system, there’s no way it could ever be cleaned up. Errors seem to be related to awt, but I don’t know what else to do knowing that.
  • I tried whatever version is in both 33 and 34, as well as the other versions in 34.

I can’t just make the app make a sound or open Firefox on demand. It runs until it needs my attention and does one of those. Sometimes it can take hours. I don’t have anything to make it do that right now so I can’t test any further.

It would be easier if you identified the application.