Fedora-34-minimal + java & sound

I’m trying to make a minimal template for some appvms that will run a Java app. Sound works in Firefox, but not the Java app. What is missing?

This is what I have installed in the template:


can you try in fedora34, is java app sounded there ? if no then it might be java app itself.

It doesn’t work on Fedora-34 with that OpenJDK package installed, but I know it’s not the app that’s to blame. I’ve been using this app since before I tried to make this new minimal template and on Fedora 33, sound worked and it could open the browser properly.

I made another template for the app based on fedora-33-minimal, in which the app is able to open the browser but sound is still broken. At this point I’m stumped and not sure if I’m missing a package or if something in Fedora is broken. I have no idea where to even begin looking for the package I need, so I’m going to try to use a Debian-11-minimal template, and stay on F33 if that doesn’t work either.


  • does sound in general work (e.g. in firefox)?
  • does your java app write a log or give debug output when started from console?
  • in the qube where it worked, is that the same java version?