Fastest Way To Get Dom0 Settings Back After 4.0->4.1 Install?

Well, I made the leap, and installed 4.1.

So far so good…except the KDE settings didn’t restore.

Drilling down into the folders, and see that the restore operation segmented dom0 home directory to a home-restore directory.

If I move all the files in that directory to my current home directory, will that get the settings back? Or will it screw something else up?

I also copied the /etc directory from 4.0. I assume that has all the settings in it.

I don’t want to screw 4.1 up… but don’t wont to spend a day setting up my desktop again.

Would replacing the /etc directory with 4.0 copy mess up the 4.1 install? (Likely so… but hey… if not, it saves me a day.)

Any other tips to get my prior settings & desktop back without messing 4.1 up?

For others: DON’t replace your home directory from 4.0 for 4.1… doing that broke the system.


it may in ~/.config (not tested)

Anyone have the full user directory path for dom0? (I’m trying to find it from recovery mode, and while I can get to /usr, there’s no home directory there or /home/[username] directory.)

it not the user home folder (you came from windows, right?)

that user home, the root home is in /root

cd /home

{blank)… no username folder.
I must be in the wrong folder.

If I can find [username folder].bak… and rename it back… well I have my system back.

Should have made a note of the full directory path before rebooting.

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