Fast web, file, bookmarks, crypto searches from dom0

As promised, here’s a runner that will streamline web searches, file searches, crypto searches, charts, and bookmarks access.

It should work from dom0 and/or from inside qubes. Bookmarks and file searches only work from inside a qube.

Place in your documents folder. Unzip. And hotkey the runners to your liking.

To get a current list of hotstring associations, launch, and type ‘help[space][space][enter]’.

Zip file download link:


Thanks. I tried bookmark_runner in dispxxx against “Getting Started” and it didn’t find a match. I;d also suggest automatic opening of findings as an option, not as a default action…

Check under /data/ Be sure the path to your bookmarks folder matches the path in settings.
It’s tested on Brave browser, using Qubes 4.1.
I haven’t tested it on any other browser.

It should auto open if it finds 1 match. If it finds multiple, it will prompt you to select from a list box of matches.

It matches the query against the name and URL.

Oh, I see now. Thanks! So, we have to set the path to bookmark manually, and is it possible to set multiple paths if we have more than one browser installed?

It could be considered unsafe from the Qubes OS philosophy perspective that untrusted files should be viewed/edited only in dispvms?

The only sites that it could open would be sites in the bookmarks file. I’m assuming the only way those get in the bookmarks file is if user bookmarks them. But that might not be a safe assumptions.

I haven’t looked at other browser bookmarks file formats. I used the most non-brittle way to search thru the bookmarks file I could… but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work with all bookmark file formats.

On that note: Bash was the WRONG language for this app. I determined to learn bash… and so that’s why I started with bash… but soon enough saw how constrained bash is…

…Therefore, to do it right it really needs to be refactored into Elixer.

The pattern matching and data options would have allowed an Elixer version to be much more robust against multiple bookmarks formats.

I’m not too keen to refactor right now. It’s good enough for now… I’m hoping that 4.2 has a runner built in or a real coder makes something (I’m just a dabbler)… as this would really improve Qubes work flow for most users.

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I hacked together a solution to the boomkarks & file launcher problem from dom0 using 51lieal advise.

So long as the app is placed inside Documents folder it should work.

(Known bugs: App runner won’t launch apps in fedora qubes… gtk-launch doesn’t work in fedora templates for some reason.)

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