Fans blasting

My fans are blasting when no vm is running and coretemp module isn’t loaded. Is qubes bad at power management?

which Qubes OS version? which hardware?

You can use the command sensors in dom0 terminal to get some information about temperatures and fan speed.

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4.2.0 and it is a laptop with 11th gen intel cpu. Is sensors accurate? I can’t load coretemp

Maybe you’ll need to install some driver/firmware to support your hardware fan control.

On other distros I didn’t need to install any driver/firmware for fan control. Do i need one in qubes if other distros didn’t need it? How do I find what driver/firmware i need?

Qubes has a minimal dom0 compared to most other distros full installs.
Without knowing more detail about your system it’s hard to advise.
Search to see if there is guidance online relevant to your system.

Start by looking at journalctl -b to see if there are warnings or
errors post boot.

Check sensors manually. If they are fine, try thinkfan to turn the curve to stay silent on idle.

Will compiling kernel fix it since it would no longer be minimal after compiling it? It is MSI - Creator Z16 16" QHD and I can’t find warnings related to it