Failed Upgrade to 4.1, Unusable System

I tried to upgrade my system to 4.1 today. Was very excited to start using my qubes laptop and finally had my vpn and upgraded Fedora 35 templates set up. I thought it would be good to upgrade to 4.1 since EOL is in August. I followed the instructions here
and used the --all flag with --keep-running to keep my proxy and firewalls running. I let it do its thing until it was done running.

I tried running --resync-appmenus-features and got an error, but realized I need to reboot. I rebooted, resigned my boot files (using something similar to Nitrokey) and was asked to choose a new default kernel. I chose the top one, and ran the --resync-appmenus-features command again but got the Error “Update VM should on a template that have dnf installed”. Whenever I try to start any VM I get the error “qrexec-daemon startup failed: Connection to the VM failed”. So now I have an expensive laptop that is completely unusable. I think maybe this script needs to be taken down and reworked if its doing this to other peoples devices.

I am wondering if the qubes-dist-upgrade stopped in one of the stages, but no indication was given. I really need to try and troubleshoot, I would rather not have to do a clean install. I don’t want to have to swap usb drives between my old laptop and new one if possible.

So, it sounds like there is no real solution other than to do a clean install, which I already mentioned is not an option because I do not trust my old laptop enough to make an install USB with. So now I have a very expensive paperweight until I figure something out.