Failed To Load Kernel Modules

:NewUser: Kernel-Issues.

Failed To Load Kernel Modules. Need Closure because it will crash after some time and I am afraid to update until I resolve this issue. Works fine otherwise. Steps Below

Error pops up.
Password entered! Loads fine…
But then later it will crash as soon as I make any changes or even update pauvcontrol. Any work arounds withindom0 logged in as user? I don’t know where to start and poor explanations online.

Thank you!

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What VM does it affect? dom0? A specific appVM?
What kernel module in particular?
What does the error box say?
What changes do you do that trigger a crash? Take a look in you /var/log/ files.

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Failed To Load Kernel Modules.
This is an almost universal error - if you follow the instructions and
examine the systemd-modules-load.service, you will see that it loads
without error (eventually).
Your other errors are unlikely to be related to this.

It’s difficult to give you any help when you have given so little
information - what machine are you using, what version of Qubes, what do
you do for "make any changes "?

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