Failed to copy clipboard (AppVM -> AppVM)


I haven’t found any related topic. If there is, please point me to the right direction!

Copy + paste seems working fine using ctrl+shift+c/v, but i just experienced, that i wanted to copy from a disposal VM to a AppVM and it didn’t work. What i did:

  • opened the SteveBlack raw hostfile on github,
  • selected everything using ctrl+a,
  • copied to the clipboard with ctrl+c, than to qubes clipboard with ctrl+shift+c (now it was suspicious that only 1kb data was copied)
  • pasted from qubes clipboard with ctrl+shift+v and pasted to a Template VM’s hosts file opened in gedit, but there was only a “ú” letter copied.

I repeated this 2 or 3 times more, but the result was always the same. Finally i opened the webpage in the default untrusted VM, copy the data to a file, then copied the file to the Template VM.

Could someone help me out why i wasn’t able copy paste from the raw github page?

And just a bonus question:
I had some error in (i think) dom0 and wanted to copy the text from the error message but i wasn’t able to do it. Is it not allowed to copy text from error bubble?

Thanks any help you can provide!

There is a limit on the qvm copy/paste operation of around 64k. You’ve
hit this limit.
The way to copy larger amounts is, as you have discovered, to copy
the file.

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(marked unman’s post as the solution and adjusted the title. Feel free to adjust if it doesn’t exactly reflect the issue at hand)

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