Extremely slow Whonix qubes boot


Recently, I have started experiencing a strange issue with Whonix based qubes. The qube itself starts fine, however there is a significant delay (almost 2 minutes) between the “qube started” and the actual start of the selected app. Earlier (and with non-Whonix qubes) it has always been just a few seconds.

Looking at the journal inside the qube, I see:

systemd[833]: Reached target default.target - Main User Target.
systemd[833]: Startup finished in 1min 30.208s.

and just a second after it the app starts.


# systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 1.295s (kernel) + 3.152s (userspace) = 4.447s 
multi-user.target reached after 3.133s in userspace.
# systemd-analyze blame
990ms dev-xvdc1.device
836ms dev-mapper-dmroot.device
602ms sdwdate-pre.service
479ms apparmor.service

I still can’t figure what the delay is due to. I can’t quite understand what is happening in the sdwdate phase as in the journal I see that time suddenly switches back 68 seconds after the line containing:

sdwdate - INFO - new time difference               : -68.610117214

I noticed this slowdown last week for the first time, using Whonix-16. I was hoping to see this self resolve after updating to 4.2 and Whonix-17 but unfortunately that is not the case. It seems unrelated to whichever app I try to run this way.

My Internet connection is fine and works fast even inside the qube after it starts.

Is anyone else noticing this?
Is there any reported issue/solution?