External Display Issues with sys-GUI VM

I have an external monitor connected using a mini-display port to HDMI adapter and an HDMI

The sys-GUI VM is active and is working fine except for the external display. When I log in to the sys-GUI
the right hand side of the screen is clipped even though the screen resolution is the same as it is inside the regular xfce desktop (the screen is mirrored perfectly in this desktop).

The Xephyr window displary server process is being used as an X Window server and

there was an error message:

admin.vm.property GetAll (failed)

It seems like the properties of this function call were not returned properly and so the display resolution
outside of the xfce account is not correctly mirrored.

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It is very strange becuse if the mini displayport to HDMI adapter is unplugged and then plugged within the sys-GUI VM, the screen is perfectly mirrored, but then when the configuration window is closed, it reverts
back to the clipped screen.

The xfce desktop mirrors the display perfectly without clipping at all.

The panel can be adjusted to display vertically instead of horizontally, but the problem still remains.