Extend Windows 10 HVM fixed disk storage


so the Windows Explorer shows 40GB of memory on my Win 10 hvm, which is completely full. Now I have set Private max storrage to 50GB via Settings and set the System storage max size to 70GB.
However, even after restarting etc. it still shows me 0 of 40GB free via Win10 Explorer.
I also don’t know what the difference is between system and private. Why doesn’t it do this when I increase the number?
Thanks for your help.

You need to extend a volume manually:

Private volume is used for AppVM Windows if you have Windows TemplateVM configured but you’re using StandaloneVM Windows so it’s not used:

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okay, thanks for now. I tried, but Extend Volume is grayed out.
Now I have the instructions Fix: Can't Extend Volume in Windows | Windows OS Hub
But why should anything work just like that. I got as far as the command “reagentc /disable”.

There it shows me an error “operation failed:70”.

Now I was fed up and installed a partition wizard tool. The app would have done it immediately for 59 dollars a year. Great.

Anyone have any tips? Extend Volume is grayed out because the stupid recovery partition is between my full C drive and my free partition.

You can download in some qube the gparted iso and boot it in your Windows HVM and move and extend the volume there: