Experiencing random system CRASHES? Potential fix here

I had problems with Qubes randomly rebooting on me pretty much the whole time I’ve been using Qubes. Most of the time it would happen while doing updates, but not always. I chalked it down to either bad hardware or bad hardware compatibility, but I have found a fix. I went into my BIOS and noticed there are three basic “templates” for BIOS settings:

  • Bio mode
  • Normal mode
  • OC Genie II mode (hardcore stuff, XMP, overclocking, etc)

I changed it from Normal to Bio and now no more crashes. I figured someone might find this helpful in the future, although you may need to adapt the method to your specific BIOS (in my case it’s a 10 year old MSI board)

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How long is your test duration so far? I have had a few days without system freezes without me doing any modification on my OS/BIOS. I was thinking that days of random complete system freezes were behind me… until today–I had two system freezes on me out of the blue.

Sounds like your system was overheating and in that mode it’s not doing that anymore.
Monitor your CPU temperatures when it’s under load.

Qubes OS puts a lot of systems under stress that aren’t used to it under regular OSes like Linux or Windows.

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Most CPUs switch off at ~100 Celsius.

If you experience that, check your hardware manuals how to clean or replace your CPU fan and CPU thermal paste.

Pretty much been on the whole time since I posted that, no crash yet :smiley:

Yep… I tried the OC Genie II mode just for kicks (I’d never even knew what it was so I figured maybe it’ll make it faster and not crash) and I couldn’t even boot. Every time I tried, it would get a little less further in the boot process. It couldn’t even stay on long enough to go back to the BIOS to change it back. But then I let it cool down for a couple hours and when I came back I was able to enter the BIOS and set everything back to bio mode. So yeah it’s gotta be a heat problem lol. I’ll see about replacing that 10 year old thermal paste :I