Error while installing packages during installation

Hi all,
I have tried to install QubesOS about 5 times now and gotten the following errors:
1: Unknown error occurred
2: Issue with random package while installing packages in installer
3: Another issue with installing some package
4: Unknown error occurred
5: Black screen; I walked away for a good 30 minutes and came back to a black screen with a mouse on it but nothing else. Not sure what happened. I left this black screen on for about 20 minutes and there were no changes.

I believe the errors where it said unknown were due to me not wiping flash drives beforehand, so I disregarded these. I am not sure why, but I just keep getting random errors while installing the packages for the system. It’ll be somewhere out of the 110 packages and just give me an error, say it was a fatal exception or something similar and make me quit the installation – has wasted like 6 hours of my time so far lol.
Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot/fix this? Thanks in advance

Did you verify the .iso?

Yes, the .iso is verified – I tried reflashing several times using balena etcher as well.

Did you re-verify installation media after writing?
Verifying signatures | Qubes OS

Is there any way to do this on Windows? Both of my machines are windows-based, and I am having trouble finding a guide on how to do so.

EDIT: Ignore this — I was finally able to fix one of my old flash drives and this drive worked and would be recognized during installation – I still don’t know what the issue with my other drives are, but I am no longer stuck on this issue.

Qubes won’t detect my flash drives anymore during installation… I have both flash drives inserted, the installation media one (32gb) and the one I want to install onto (128gb) but it just won’t show up. I tried rescanning disks and restarting, still no luck. I tried a secondary flashdrive (256gb) and that one wasn’t recognized either… no idea what is going on with my qubes. Yesterday, I had no issues while using the exact same flash drives. It can, however, detect the hard drive on the computer I am installing from

I too have had issues with the installer not liking hard drives where the underlying drive was not sufficiently wiped. As I recall, after spending a considerable amount of time trying to weigh up the pros and cons of a number of paid-for pieces of software I discovered that the manufacturer of my drive (Western Digital) had some disk sanitation software that access to came free with the drive. This worked splendidly.

Turns out the issue was the flash drive itself. I installed on a fresh SanDisk flashdrive, and it worked flawlessly (or it’s just linux being linux)

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