Error when updating templates

When I try to update my debian or whonix templates using either qubes-update-gui or sudo qubesctl --show-output --skip-dom0 --targets=<mytemplate> state.sls update.qubes-vm, I get: “: ERROR (exception list index out of range)”.

I end up having to run the update manually.

This started about a week ago.

Is there a log with more information so I can debug this?


Did you try to update by right clicking on the VM in Qube Manager and choosing “Update qube”?

That works, but I want to get salt-based updater working too.

Besides having the same problem, I can’t update manually:

$ sudo apt update

Err:3 buster InRelease
Reading from proxy failed - select (115: Operation now in progress) [IP: 8082]
Fetched 65.4 kB in 30s (2,176 B/s)
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
All packages are up to date.
W: Failed to fetch Reading from proxy failed - select (115: Operation now in progress) [IP: 8082]
W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Is that related?

I don’t think your issue is related - maybe try restarting the template or the updatevm?

My issue will likely be fixed soon:

Thanks everyone. is down · Issue #6637 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub ?

I have the same issue, but I suspect mine stems from my debian-minimal templates (including the debian default-mgmt-dvm template) not having the appropriate Salt packages installed. Try installing them according to the docs and see if it works.

It’s worth nothing that I was experiencing airelemental’s issue long before experiencing sandworm’s issue, below:

I have the exact same issue. One stop-gap measure that works is to route all updates through tor.

Update: My issue was limited to the Qubes repo and fails with the link. After I updated my firewall, the problem went away even on non-tor connections.

I wonder why it worked on tor before I fixed the updateVM’s firewall?