Error When Installing Qubes Tools for Windows 7

I need Windows 7 to run certain legacy programs and access USB.

I have been trying to install Windows Tools. It is installed correctly in Dom0. I then go into Windows 7 and make sure driver signing is not required by using bcdedit in administrator mode After this, I excit command line, then I shutdown the VM and initialize it again.

Then use the command line to start the VM for Windows Tools installation and then once I’m in the VM, I run the Tools exe program using administrator mode.

Then I get an error: [20210620.155809.767-2508-E] DriveNumberToVolumeName: IOCTL_VOLUME_GET_VOLUME_DISK-EXTENTS failed with error 1: Incorrect function.

After I do this, I get the Windows boot manager and it says it can’t verify the digital signiture of Xen bus.

I have no idea how to fix this.

Does it map to the right drive? Check that C: and D: are set up correctly, there is also some remapping of those in the automated script that remaps I think…

I have no idea what this means or how I approach this.

What exactly would I check? When I went into the VM to install Virtual Tools, there is a C and a D. Is this what you mean?

I have no idea how to do any remapping. I am not as smart as a lot of the other people on this forum and have less experience, but am still hoping to get better at this operating system.

I have now typed “bcdedit /set testsigning on” more maybe 20 times.

Nothing is working.

It will boot, but it says the Xendriver is unsigned and wants to repair it.

It’s almost as though when I do the bcdedit /set command in administrator mode that it’s saving, but after the Tools are added, it’s like the change has been lost for some reason.

Do I need to type that in again after the installation?

sorry I posted in the wrong thread…