Error message with in place upgrade of qubes

I was following these instructions: How to upgrade to Qubes 4.1 | Qubes OS

Downloading qubes-dist-upgrade worked fine, but when I tried to do the upgrade with:

sudo qubes-dist-upgrade --all

I get the error message:

ERROR: UpdateVM (sys-whonix) should be at least Fedora 30 or Debian 11 template based VM.

Is it not possible to do the in place upgrade over sys-whonix?

Not directly. But you can create another VM (that is on Debian 11 or new-ish Fedora) and connect it to sys-whonix. And set it as updatevm. You may need to add sys-whonix (and sys-firewall) to --keep-running option.

I’ve created a Debian 11 based VM with sys-whonix as netVM. How can I add these to --keep-running and what is that?

never mind, found it as part of the upgrade instructions

Thanks for the info!