Error message can't stream hvm because hardware not supported


I bought a small 11 inch notebook of an older model. Now I have got Qubes installed installation gave an error, I can not start hvm because my hardware does not support IOMMU/TV-d/AMD-vi.
Okay, I finished the installation and at startup all VM are off. Can’t start any, then the error message comes up again.

I only found the point in the bios:

Intel Virtual Technology and I set it to enabled

Okay now my question, can I change something or can I forget the laptop for cubes?

Hardware is Lenovo yoga 300e 2.Gen
Celeron N4120 processor
8GB Ram

In Global config for these devices it says

HVM: yes
I/O MMU: no
TMP version 2.0 (not yet supported)
Remapping: no
USB keyboards: safe policy
PV Qubes: yes

Brand: Lenovo
Model: 81M9
CPU: Celeron N4120
Chipset: Intel Cooperation Gemini Lake Host Bridge [8086:31f09]Rev06
Bios: 9ZCN55WW
Kernel: 6.1.62-1
Xen unknown

I wanted to use it for serving without big tasks but with the security of cubes. I already use Cubes on several computers, but this is the first time I have encountered such a problem.

Can anyone here answer my question?

Best regards

Based on the CPU:

You should be able to run Qubes. The CPU supports both VT-x (+ EPT) and VT-d, which are required for Qubes to work properly. You should check your BIOS for anything related to these features and see if they are enabled or not.

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Thank you very much,

I only have the point and I have enabled it.

Intel Virtual Technology and I set it to enabled

Was it previously enabled or did you just enable it?

it was already activated. I have not changed anything

I have now switched it off and on again, but nothing has changed. Do you have any more ideas?

In a dom0 terminal, can you run the following command and see if you get any result?

xl dmesg | grep -Ew 'DMAR|EPT'

he returns the following:

(XEN) - Extended Page Tables (EPT)

Do you have anything with VT-d and/or IOMMU?

xl dmesg | grep -Eiw 'VT-d|IOMMU'

When I enter this, nothing comes back

Well, this means that VT-d (IOMMU) is not working or is not enabled.
You should go back into your BIOS and make sure everything is enabled properly. You can use this.
Turn off the laptop completely and boot it up again after making sure everything is enabled.
If this still does not help, see if you can update your BIOS firmware to a newer version.

okay thanks. there is a newer bios version, but I need Windows for that. I’ll install win, update the bios and see if I get the functions I want and get back to you. Thanks for now

so thank you very much. The solution was to update the bios. The description also included the correction of virtualization errors.
That must have been it. Now I can set up Quebes

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