Error GPG keyring Empty

Im new to Qubes and I purchased my laptop from CustomNova, they gave me a USB to insert but when I did the initial boot I got this message
ERROR: Dasharo couldn’t find any GPG keys in your keyring.
the options are:
1)If this is your first time the system has booted you should add a public GPG key to the BIOS now.
2)If you just reflashed a new BIOS, you’ll need at least one public key ring.

3)At the bottom it states that if you have not just reflashed your BIOS, this could indicate TAMPERING.
I got Qubes because my communications are being incessantly hacked, so I fear the worst. Could someone be kind enough to shed some light on my situation. From what im reading I need this but i believe this is an older version, where would i get the newer version from.
Also could you help me with seeing if its been tampered with? where would i go to see any changes?
thank you for your patience and Understanding
Bader G

It is as expected as Heads is not configured yet.

You will need to configure Heads by going through the OEM Factory Reset / Re-Ownership options: