Ensuring gfx card compatibility? (not a "pass through" question)

I see lots of GPU/gfx card questions more around “can I use the GPU” “pass through” etc but as I understand it thats still not directly supported by Qubes and honestly isnt the highest on my priority list.
What I am looking for is a graphics card for my multi-monitor setup, that is three 1.4 display ports. With that in mind, is there anything I should be looking for in terms of compatibility? I assume Radeon will be less likely to cause problems? I will pretty much be looking to get something as cheap as reasonably possible (ie older/used well-known-ish card, not no-name card/brand).
Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Not sure if it matters but the setup I am looking to put together would be built on a MSI MAG-B760M-MORTAR-WIFI (really really wanted the MSI MAG Z690M MORTAR but it seems virtually impossible to find). I was thinking about a used AMD RADEON PRO WX maybe? Thoughts would really be appreciated!

I think the RX580 is the most popular AMD card.

If all you want is to run 3 display, then you can probably use any card that has Linux support. I’m using an nvidia 1060, and it works just fine with 3 displays.

good to know, thanks!