Enabling UEFI boot in qube

I am trying to run a Ubuntu Core image inside of a qube. However on start I see similar symptoms as described in this post: kvm - `error: invalid signature.` when trying to boot Ubuntu Core - Ask Ubuntu which are

  1. the error message error: no such device: ubuntu-boot after Booting from Hard Disk ...,
  2. then the message error: invalid signature,
  3. then the grub menu showing the following three different entries
    3.1 Recover using 20210118, leading to error: invalid signature when followed,
    3.2 Install using 20210118, also leading to error: invalid signature when follwed and
    3.3 UEFI firmware settings, leading to error: can't find command 'fwsetup' when followed.

If I understand problem and solution correctly, UEFI boot needs to be enabled for the qube. Is it possible to tell a qube to perform a UEFI boot?
(I didn’t find anything the like in the qvm-create and qvm-run man pages, the Qubes OS documentation, nor anywhere else on the internet.)

If I misunderstood problem and solution, feel free to edit.

Not sure if this will work, but there’s a switch for that.

qvm-features VMNAME uefi 1


Thank you. This was what I was looking for.

(Booting still does not work - Guest has not initialized the display (yet) - but I guess this would be a topic for a different discussion.)

Following the same advice for UEFI support, I can’t find a discussion about that point, did you find a solution for this ?

Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution up to now.