Enabling Bluetooth on Qubes R4.1

installing blueman works great for me; thanks for the suggestions those who suggested it. Out of curiosity, is there a way to make bluetooth Off by default instead of on?

Hey all, I’ve installed blueman in my debian-based template, but when I try to launch blueman-applet it prints an error of Permission denied: '/dev/rfkill'.
I googled and found this issue: blueman crashes in fedora-38-xfce template · Issue #8161 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub but I can’t load the rfkill module. I tried to install the rfkill first with sudo apt install rfkill, but the sudo rfkill list nor -v doesn’t print anything. Any suggestions?

I just want to add on to this topic for anyone who finds it in the future, that in the new QubesOS 4.2 version, this process of changing the policy for asking or allowing USB/Bluetooth input devices is handled much more elegantly in a new Graphical tool called “Qubes Global Config”. This tool is available from the new menu system under the “Qubes Tools” category. So that will greatly simplify it for most users.