Emergency console - "vi: No such file or directory"

Got OOM-ed at boot (during LUKS decrypt), so logged in to the emergency console to read the error log and had this error :

sh-5.0# vi /run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt 
/usr/bin/vi: line 23: /usr/libexec/vi: No such file or directory
sh-5.0# cat /bin/vi -OR- cat /usr/bin/vi # (output truncated)
if test -f /usr/bin/vim
  exec /usr/bin/vim "$@"

# run vi otherwise
exec /usr/libexec/vi "$@"

sh-5.0# ls /usr/lib    
lib/   lib64/

I didn’t try to find vim and forgot to try nano.
Should I report upstream ? A quick search didn’t find any result.
PS: there’s no which either !