Eink Monitor Color Scheme Workarounds That Work With Qubes?

I have an Eink monitor. I’m looking for some way to make the color scheme of the monitor black on white, while my other monitors remain unchanged.

Ideally any window that is moved to that monitor renders black on white.

If that’s not possible a fallback solution would toggle easily dom0 and all qubes to black on white.

I’m running KDE.

Anyone know of a solution?

Something like this that worked across all qubes would fit the bill:

This solution worked, but KDE windows manipulation wouldn’t work afterward.

Related discussion: https://forum.qubes-os.org/t/grayscale-eink-display-ability-to-focus/17310/17

If I could figure out what is preventing KDE windows manipulation that would do the trick until I find a monitor specific solution.