Editing files in /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/ fails (permissions)

I’ve tried everything I know, but every time I am told I don’t have permission. I have used sudo, sudo su, and chmod -R 777 on the whole directory as root (I understand the implications of this; I tried the nuclear option just in case it was something dumb). I currently manage the client with salt formulae and bash scripts, so ideally, I’d like to keep this as uncomplicated as possible (just add/write this config file).

@unman has mentioned this functionality was possible a year ago here. I found something mentioning it possibly being a kernel version issue here, but the reference to play around with the kernel doesn’t work for me (the firmware is coreboot+Heads, so I can’t play with GRUB before boot, and I don’t use EFI). I am also extremely hesitant to mess around with this anyways because I’m using a NovaCustom NV41 (certified), which requires kernel-latest for reasons I’m not fully informed of. This is my main machine, and I cannot afford it breaking. I would be able to get the important stuff, but I don’t have the time for a reinstall as it would currently be a nightmare.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a Qubes thing, or a kernel issue?

Note: I am new to this forum, so if I have done something wrong/bad formatting/omitted something important/etc. please let me know. I will always try to have good grammar and formatting, and have likely proofread anything I post. I am always grateful for any response as I appreciate that you have a life like I do, and owe me nothing.

Qubes version: 4.2.1
Kernel: 6.1.75-1 (kernel latest)

What version of Qubes?
What kernel are you using?
Have you tried booting with another kernel, making the change?

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Qubes 4.2.1
Kernel: 6.1.75-1
(Editing original post to include this as well)

No, I haven’t. I currently don’t know how (I checked this doc about changing the kernel, but I can’t edit the GRUB before booting on Heads). I also have no clue what exactly changing the kernel would do (side effects, possible system breakage, etc) and couldn’t find anything to explain this.