Editing a menu entry

how can i edit the command behind the GUI menu entry?

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Your AppVM’s menu entries are grabbed from /usr/share/applications (I think). So by editing there, and refreshing the AppVM’s program list on the qube settings, it should show up there. However, I would advice you copy the shortcut and edit as a new one so it doesn’t get overwritten when the program updates.

Another way to do this is the following: in dom0 » “Application Finder” program » right-click in program » “edit”.

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this command is behind firefox:
qvm-run -q -a --service --dispvm=printer-dvm --qubes.StartApp+firefox-esr.
This looks quite appropriate in my opinion… the other applications use the same command… the other programs start right.

So in this case the issue is that firefox is not starting? Have you tried hitting “refresh applications” in the “qube’s settings”?

That does look right for a Debian system - does Fedora use firefox-esr?

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it is a debian template. however it started working suddenly.