Easy way to connect USB Devices to a StandaloneVM?

After creating and installing windows vm (7/10), somehow USB devices failed to attach to the vm giving out this error

“Attaching device xxxx_xxx_xx to windows-7 failed. Error: QubesException - Device attach failed:”.

I tried with or without qubes-windows-tools installed but still gives me error.

Anyone with a working solution should help.

Here is a post with a solution that works for Qubes 4.1

Windows USB integration with R4.1

Thank you, but it seems the tool doesn’t play well with R4.0.4.

Please can anyone confirm if the tool works on Qubes R4.0.4?

I have data on my system i don’t want to lose should anything goes wrong.

I wish i could change the heading for better assistance.

The problem am having is not only limited to windows standalone vm (just found out) but any other standalone vm (eg. Linux too) cannot connect to qrexec agent for USB connection.

I guess there’s no need to create a new thread.
Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

I updated the title for you.

Thank you mate.

My topic was about Windows USB integration, but you can use it with any HVM, not only Windows. But it works under R4.1 only.

Yah I read your thread but the problem is, am on 4.0.4 which is not supported (stubdomain).

Another question, is 4.1 stable enough to be used as daily driver? Qubes team don’t classify it as stable and i need a working and reliable system.

The choice is between using “unstable” 4.1 with working USB pass-through (to standalonevm including windows) and avoid rebooting to windows each time i need to Or use “stable” 4.0.4 and reboots to windows when needed.

A very hard choice and inconvenient too.

@rootsterm I am running 4.1 and haven’t had any significant problems at all. In terms of experience, it’s the best version of Qubes I have ever used. :slight_smile:

I guess it is hardware depend, but release candidate is pretty stable for users with Qubes OS experience.

Now i can attest to Qubes 4.1 stability :grinning:. I’ve been using it for over a month now and haven’t seen anything weird as you normally see in other OS’s beta/alpha release.

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I was able to successfully compile & install QWT 4.1.66 alongside Stubdom on my 4.1 system and it is working great with windows 10 which i tested with a USB and external storage of 1TB HDD.

But windows 7 doesn’t work out of the box as @jevank stated.
Windows 7 needs some drivers from dell website which i honestly haven’t tested it yet.