Duplicate Network Manager icon in Notification Area applet

Duplicate Network Manager icon in the Notification Area applet in the Dom0 XFCE panel.

Resizing the the icons in the Notification Area applet seems to make it go away or the icon changes to that of another application running at the same time (eg Tor Control Panel).

I have had this issue consistently on all of my QubesOS 4.1 laptops from Alpha to the present Beta.

I dont have a solution for you but just wanted to give a confirmation that I have the same issue on multiple Qubes Alphas and Beta1, including some newer Alphas after Beta1.

same here, i ignore it, cosmetic bugs are to be expected

@kneelbeforezod, @Sylice, @mono
Can you confirm that this is a duplicate of the sys-net Network
Manager? If so, are both functional?

I have seen transitory appearances of NM from other netvm qubes.

One does show a pull down on mouse click, the other (left of the working one) does not.

I only have one red VM, sys-net, and both occurrences of the Network Manager are red.

Other than that, it’s all just like @mono said. The left one is non-functional.

I’ve raised an issue at GitHub for this.
Since it doesn’t affect everyone, can you chip in with some details of
your set up (if you are comfortable with that).
Anything about your monitor, Xfce config, template used for sys-net,
configurations etc etc.

Pretty much standard setup with fedoara33 with sys-net being a disposable vm, no modificatins to Xfce config.
27’’ multi monitor setup with 2560x1440 at 60Hz powered by an older GTX960.
(I could run at higher Hz but dragging windows was lagging)

I installed i3 but didn’t get it to run yet was going to look into it when i get more time.

@kneelbeforezod, @Sylice, @mono, @unman

I am not using xfce (kde), but what is being described here is identical to what happens if I have ANY qube that has ‘provides networking’ type set, but doesn’t resolve/have a complete circuit to the network manager. For example, a wireguard proxyVM that is using a key that I have updated with the provider, but not yet put the new configs into the proxyVM, or an appvm that connects to a ‘provides networking’ qube, that then connects to another qube which has networking set to ‘n/a’, for example a second firewallVM, that has delibrately been set to networking=n/a). As its only a few people who have experienced it, i’m just throwing it out there as I can’t know how complex you configure your qubes networking chains, and if you have any qubes running that provides networking that isn’t actually doing so, this is the exact effect (for me at least).

I think that’s a bug in whonix (tor control status) icon.

sys-whonix icon is different looking for me, white background with 2 grey circles, smaller circle on top of the bigger one kinda looking icon.

yes nomally it should be like that. but somehow the icon is just bug despite tor is working. and somehow with restarting sys whonix would fix the icon, but will back again after reboot.

Just one little comment here, because I felt compelled.

I noticed a variable visual glitch myself (a long while back & then someone elsewhere commented about sizing the Notification area helped - try right clicking on the Notification area (outside of any icons within the Notification area so as to obtain the option to access the properties for the Notification area) and set the area pixel size to say 27 instead of 22.

I think that the GUI just cannot cope with something here & we just have to adapt & note the issue for the developers.

Can you link it here, please?

The related issue :

I think you need to find the color matching VM, select the Services tab and deactivate network manager. You might have activated it while testing and forgot to deactivate it.

If you read back, you will see the problem has been reported with only one red