DUG#6 & vPub 0xB opensource online Party! - tomorrow at 4 PM UTC

Dear Friends, I invite you to a joint DUG#6 & vPub 0xB event that starts tomorrow at 4 PM UTC → 2024-06-13T16:00:00Z (your local time) :

  1. on DUG we will discuss the Dasharo distribution of coreboot opensource PC firmware (much better than a typical closed-source UEFI: it provides the hardened security, high quality, cool features and almost-lifetime upgrades!) and explore the new supported platforms: in particular you will see a special demo of upcoming NovaCustom V54/V56 laptops with modern & powerful Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs that support this “opensource BIOS”
  2. vPub will feature our prominent guests from Intel and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with a couple of interesting talks, and a cosy free-for-all chat about anything opensource firmware/hardware-related! :hugging_face:

Join links & full schedule are available here - Dasharo User Group #6 - Attendize.com

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@fsflover @renehoj @Insurgo @dispuser5132 @Raphael_Balthazar @Qubesthrowaway @newbie @Plexus @Litter_Box and @Justin : I’m sure you will find this interesting - and we’ll be happy to see you on this Thursday’s party for a nice time together :partying_face:

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