Dual Monitor Help

Hello people, I have a 5700x, 32gb ram, msi gaming pro carbon, msi rtx2080ti and a dual monitor setup 4K and 1080p. I tried gui configuration but whenever I restart my computer to try the 4K monitor. It only shows a small portion like 1/8th of the screen and completely broken. I can’t use the 4K monitor because of this but the 1080p is fine. I used the exact commands in the terminal for the GUI configuration page but it still breaks after I restart. I was wondering if anybody has a fix for this issue I know Qubes doesn’t have native 4K resolution support. I’m using the latest release of Qubes.

Maybe in your BIOS for the graphics cards, you selected “auto” instead of “discrete” or “integrated”? Because of this, during the reboot, one or the other of your cards is used and the resolution changes. I’m not an expert but this could be a lead… After that, it would be nice if you could give us a little more precision about your equipment…

Likely because of the Nvidia graphics card. Try without it. There are some guides out there for installing Nvidia graphics, or disabling nouveau at boot to test if the issue is coming from it. Are you on 4.1 or 4.2? I know they have some nouveau improvements coming in 4.2.0.