Drivers for Chipsets, and other hardware

Hello guys. I am using Qubes for some real time now. After installing Qubes, I started using it as it is. Then learned about customizations too. But I haven’t installed any drivers for my hardware ever like drivers for AMD chipset or hard drives or GPU. Is it okay to run Qubes like this. Or we should get drivers installed in dom0 and respective templates. I am looking for some expert opinion. Thank you.

are you experiencing hardware problem, if so, try a newer kernel (idk how to do that)
i think you came from windows
linux user won’t ask this question because they know driver is already in the linux kernel

No, I am not experiencing hardware issues. I came from Windows. I just wanted to know that as I have read that many people install proprietary drivers of NVIDIA. I have read about chipset vulnerabilities and patches. Are they included in Kernels already?

depend on the priority and important of that vulnerabilities, some are patched 15 → 30 minute after the report, some are left open for 8 year
however in qubes os, that different story
since qubes team using their own kernel for qubes os, they need to build that
but because qubes os development are slow, there thing might took time to complete and some more long time to ship with update

correct me if i’m wrong

Does Qubes include patches for AMD systems or only for Intel. Many times these companies leaves inclusion of patches to software vendors. What happens then. For eg. I would like to go with disabling PSF, I don’t know if that’s already done or not, Do I have to do that patch kind of thing?
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linux, yes
qubes, no, qubes 4.0.X use 4.9.X kernel
there may a patch, but i don’t know

If you have no hardware problems then you probably don’t need to install anything and you are lucky that all your drivers are already in the Linux kernel. Concerning BIOS, you should check your hardware vendor website and see which BIOS version you have and which one they released. Maybe you need to update it as per their instructions.

I don’t expect that you need any linux patching, but you of course could search on the web your hardware with with word “linux” to make sure.

I’m wondering if Qubes disables PSF by now. I would assume that the kernel versions currently used by Qubes are new enough that AMD’s patches are included

EDIT: I opened a github issue about this to bring it under attention of the devs: