Dragging windows choppy

i just installed the latest stable version of qubes on my other computer which has a rtx 2070 and i7-8700 32gb 2666 ram and 1tb ssd and i have a 240 hz monitor when i drag a window slowly it seems to have no issue but if i drag it kinda fast it seems to teleport the window i have not done anything with qubes besides changed my hz to 240hz also same thing happens on 60hz and any other hz is there a fix for that

Your GPU is using the “nouveau” driver for your NVIDIA GPU, but it certainly lacks GPU acceleration (or at least, it’s doing it bad).

It’s possible to install the proprietary NVIDIA driver, but it’s not really easy Installing nvidia proprietary driver for dom0

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what issues will it have using the nouveau driver besides the windows dragging slowly? and is there a topic on how to install nvidia drivers to dom0 or is it very hard

I linked you to the topic explaining how to proceed.

I got random hard reboot using nouveau, and it seems someone else did notice that too. Using the nvidia driver, I had no issues.

Did you install with “kernel latest” … or the default (old) kernel?

ive just installed that its the same but i will probably try the nvidia driver